Thursday, February 6, 2014

OneOC's "Day of Service" Project Benefits Blind Children's Learning Center

"If you could taste, touch, hear and see freedom, what would it taste, feel, sound and look like?"

This is the question AmeriCorps Member Chanel Bradley asked the Center teachers. Using their responses, she worked with Cox Communications and California Conservation Corps to create "Senses of Freedom," one of OneOC's Day of Service projects honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Sensory-enriched installations were created on campus for our children to learn about their surroundings and empower their sense of freedom and independence.

During the Civil Rights Movement, uplifting music was used to inspire and encourage participants to persevere through the struggle for freedom. During "Sense of Sound," our children listened and danced to songs from the Movement.

"Sense of Sight" showed our children the contrast between the dimming and brightening lights in the room. It also gave them the opportunity to color a picture of Dr. King on light boxes.
At "Sense of Touch," our children dipped their little hands into gooey paint to make hand prints for the wall display. Meanwhile, the volunteers had to avoid being canvasses for their artwork!

Rodger Pitts, a Cox Communications volunteer, displays the children's hand prints around Dr. King's quote, "We will be able to join hands and sing... free at last, free at last!"

Our students also enjoyed the sweet taste of freedom with sugary goodies during "Sense of Taste".

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Child Care Safari

Teacher Miss Jenny wanted to give the kids in afternoon Child Care a hands on experience learning about animals in the wild.

She invited staff to join her in creating a
multi-sensory adventure.

Armed with binoculars and their imaginations, Miss Jenny led our little ones on a safari in search of lions, tigers, elephants and any other wild animals they could find on the playground.

To hear the jungle noise staff carried recorded sounds as the children ventured out on their exploration.

Their first encounter was with a friendly lion. 

After a walk to the playground the adventurers piled into their safari jeep in search of more animals.

Their next discovery was a mommy monkey and her baby.

Safari's can make you hungry. So it was nice to have a banana handy during the adventure.

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