Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Caston's Story

Caston with his mom, Teal, after attending a
 Parent and Me class at
Blind Children's Learning Center

When Caston was born, doctors questioned what my child would be able to do and told me not to be optimistic.  The specialists and therapists at Blind Children’s Learning Center saw his potential.  They are passionate about helping children.  They gave us hope,” said Teal.

Caston’s family has much to celebrate this holiday season.  Their two- year-old little boy has accomplished great feats in the past nine months, thanks to Blind Children’s Learning Center.

At six months old Caston was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH), a congenital condition characterized by the underdevelopment of the optic nerve and the brain.  Teal and Chaz, Caston’s parents, described their little one as gazing upward, not responsive and his body was tense.  “He was like a tight baby ball.”

Caston’s family needed help. Providing early intervention to children with ONH is critical.  Their brains are still in the process of re-wiring and reconnecting.  With the help of their family Teal, Chaz and Caston relocated from across the country so Caston could attend the Center. 

The family’s adventure began:
  • · Blind Children’s Learning Center staff worked closely with Teal and Chaz in their home, answering their questions and helping them through the challenges. 
  • ·Therapists worked with Caston to help him learn to position his body and taught him to sit up. They worked on his sensory and feeding issues. 
  • ·Caston was introduced to a light box and other assessment toys which stimulated his vision.  
  • ·Teal and Caston started attending “Parent and Me” classes at Blind Children’s Learning Center and share a common bond with other families served by the Center.

After just nine months of early intervention for his visual impairment, Caston is no longer limited.  He’s learned to track people’s movements.  His little tight body has relaxed.  He stretches and reaches out with his hands open.  Soon Caston will be entering our Early Childhood Center onsite preschool.