Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Special Honors for Board Member Peggy Blaising

As Blind Children’s Learning Center celebrates 50 years of serving blind, visually impaired and deaf/blind children we also celebrate the countless volunteers that generously give of their most valuable asset – their time – to support the Center. 

One “illuminating force” is Peggy Blaising.  For the past 25 years Peggy has served on the board of directors of Blind Children’s Learning Center.  She has led the Parent Professional Advisory Council in addition to helping direct new program initiatives.   Peggy is a strong fundraiser and has raised thousands of dollars for the Center.  Through the years personally she has donated more than $45,000. 

Peggy doesn’t limit her volunteer work to administration.  She has served as a volunteer Teacher’s Assistant in the classrooms. She is deeply admired and respected by the staff of Blind Children’s Learning Center. 

“I have worked with Peggy since 1989.  She was a Special Education teacher and gave that wonderful professional input as a board member.  When we first moved to Vanderlip Avenue her class was next door at Guin Foss Elementary School.  She would bring her students over to “mentor” our children - - what a wonderful role model she is for any teacher.  As a volunteer in the classroom, her love for the school, the children and the families just emanates from her. Through thick and thin, she always has such a wonderful positive approach to everything.  It is an honor to know her.  Her leadership in the community and in her church is such a benefit for all connected with Blind Children’s Learning Center. “– Kathy Goodspeed, Former Early Childhood Center Director 1989 - 2007

“I’ve known Peggy since she first came to Blind Children’s Learning Center.  Her love for the children has always been in the forefront.  She has supported the Center with her service in the classroom, on the program committee and on the board through the good times and the bad.  Her strong faith shines in all she does. It’s been a pleasure knowing her all these years.” - Linn Morgan, Former Director of Community Relations 1977-2009

“I have many fun memories of Peggy when she volunteered in my classroom.  Especially our adventures in the Center’s 12-seater van we called the “beast.”  When we took the kids on field trips, Peggy would sit in the back to help with the children.  It never failed, when Peggy was sitting in the back of the van we would always hit every bump or dip in the road (of course it wasn’t my driving) that would send her popping up in her seat almost into the roof of the van.  We shared many laughs over those adventures.   Peggy was a dependable volunteer and I appreciated her willingness to share her expertise.”  - Elayne Strong., Former Director of Youth Outreach 1991-2007

“Together in 1987, Peggy and I began our journey at Blind Children’s Learning Center.  As a special education teacher her love for our children was very apparent.  I admire her patience and dedication.  I loved to watch her interact with our children.  She is an incredible member of our board and has been instrumental in keeping the Center’s mission alive.  Her knowledge of the nonprofit world is extensive and she brings this expertise to our Center.  She is a true friend and an outstanding asset to our Center.” – Sharon Mitchael  Former Coordinator of Youth Services 1987-2011