Sunday, April 10, 2011

Celebrating 50 Years

50 years. What has been accomplished in the last 50 years? A man has walked on the moon, the Internet was introduced and mainstreamed, and we elected the first African American President. But there has also been an ongoing change occurring over the last 50 years that people may not realize: the Blind Children's Learning Center has been influencing, educating and inspiring children to lead independent lives.

In 1962, Services for the Blind Orange County was introduced to southern California by six blind adults. Today, it has become the Blind Children's Learning Center, working to provide an inclusive learning environment with visually impaired and seeing children alike. The ultimate goal of the Blind Children's Learning Center has always been to provide children with the tools needed to live an independent life, and for nearly 50 years, the center has been doing just that. Whether it be teaching Braille, offering vision and/or speech therapy, or simply providing individualized attention to each student, the Blind Children's Learning Center is truly following the mantra that is "destination -> independence."

In October 2012, the Blind Children's Learning Center will be celebrating its golden anniversary; its 50th anniversary. We want to reflect on our past, focus on the future and celebrate today. The center thrives on its volunteers, donors and students, and our gratitude is insurmountable. Thank you for 50 years!