Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Destination-Independence Ambassador Family - The Blatchfords

L to R: Sam, Rory and Ben Blatchford
Rambunctious, exuberant and charming are adjectives that describe triplets, Sam, Rory and Ben Blatchford.  At 15 years old these young men have big plans for their futures.
Born premature, each with different degrees of vision loss.  Sam has low vision, Rory is legally blind and Ben is blind.  As preschoolers, the boys attended the Center's onsite Early Childhood Center where hey acquired the skills to grow to become the strong independent youth they are today.
Their parents, Ed and Laura have never accepted limitations on their sons capabilities.  Older sister, Alex, has always had faith in her brothers.  Together they support the boys' spirit of adventure.
Their current career aspirations are exciting.  Ben's goal is to work in product development at Microsoft or Google.  Sam as set his sights on sports broadcasting or sports marketing.  Rory is working hard towards his goal of being a professional golfer and with his love of music he dreams of entertaining audiences as a singer.
Their life stories have just begun.  What will they accomplish when they graduate from high school, college...?  Whatever their paths Sam, Rory and Ben choose, it is evident their future will be amazing. 
On Saturday, May 11 at Blind Children's Learning Center the Blatchford Family will be kicking-off the 9th Annual Destination-Independence 5K Walk.  Walk start time is 9am.  Click here to see the event schedule

The Blatchford Family