Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blind Children's Learning Center Was the Right Fit for Our Family

     Tahira Knight-Zaluske treasures her role as a mother.  Her daughter, four-year-old Xia, is her miracle.  Born with cerebral palsy and legally blind she is a little bundle of joy.  Xia is very social and extremely expressive.  If you have the opportunity to meet Xia you’ll quickly discover she demands face to face contact, which you instantly give her because she charms you with her fabulous smile and contagious laugh.     
    Xia loves her class in the Early Childhood Center program.  Tahira shared,”Xia squeals with delight when she knows she’s going to the Center. The interactions with her classmates and teachers have made her stronger. “
     Although doctors’ diagnosis for Xia have been that she will be totally dependent, Tahira and her husband Walter want their daughter to experience life.  Still very protective parents they are cautious.  Their first encounter with Blind Children’s Learning Center was in the safety of their home through the Infant Family Focus program.  Next they ventured out participating in the on-site Parent and Me classes held every Friday in the Therapy Services Center. 
    “I’d received high recommendations for Blind Children’s Learning Center from many sources.  After attending the on-site classes I knew the Center was a right fit for our family,” said Tahira.  “Any fears we had were relieved by the amazing calmness I witnessed by the teachers and staff.  Everyone was loving, kind and generous.  Walter and I felt secure in our decision.” 
     Xia now attends preschool classes daily and receives Occupational, Speech and Vision therapies all on site at the Center.  It could be overwhelming for a parent to schedule and transport their child to multiple locations for all the services their child may need.  Having everything at the Center relieves a tremendous amount of pressure for parents.
     “We are so grateful for the team work of all the staff at the Blind Children’s Learning Center.  Everyone goes above and beyond to support our family,” expressed Tahira.
     Tahira goes above and beyond in support of Blind Children’s Learning Center.  She has recently joined the Parents and Professional Advisory Council (PPAC) and is leading the fundraising for Team XYZ at the 8th Annual Destination → Independence 5K Walk on Saturday, May 19.  If you’d like to support Tahira’s efforts click here to donate to Team XYZ.

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